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Global Capital European Securitization Awards 2022 - Call for Nominations


GlobalCapital is pleased to announce its call for nominations for its European Securitization Awards. Please read through the instructions carefully to ensure that your votes are counted accurately.

Please fill out the information below. This will be kept entirely confidential and will be used only to ensure that votes are valid.

GlobalCapital encourages voters to send the survey link to as many clients or peers as they like. Respondents can nominate up to two deals or firms per category. Nominations should take into account such factors as the firms and deals that were most innovative, timed and read the market best and had the broadest reach among investors. 
You do not have to complete the entire survey for your votes to be counted.
Respondents are allowed to nominate their own deal or firms. Nominees should reflect firm and deal activity for the 2021 calendar year.

There will be space for respondents to provide a brief explanation of their choices. This is optional. 

In addition to these categories GlobalCapital will take pitches for winners in the categories of Overall Best Securitization Bank of the Year, Private Securitization Deal of the Year, and Overall Best Securitization Deal of the Year.

If your institution is interested in pitching for these awards, please contact Sophie Astles, Editor, Awards Research on for more information. 
GlobalCapital reserves the right disqualify any votes that it deems invalid.

We’ve taken on board feedback from the market, and tried to reflect the diversity, innovation, and plethora of business models across the European securitization landscape.

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