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Euromoney Real Estate Survey 2020


Welcome to Euromoney's 16th annual Real Estate Survey

This questionnaire is intended for real estate advisers and consultants (e.g. agencies, valuers, tax/legal advisers, research providers), developers, banks, investment managers and corporate end users. There is no cost to participate and it should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Please submit your response as soon as possible and no later than the deadline of 5pm GMT Thursday, 7th May 2020. We will be happy to provide you with free subscriber level access to for the month of September 2020 to enable you to view the results of this survey if you fill out your details on the following page and tick the "Free results access" box.

The questionnaire contains two parts:

Part 1 - Nominations

In Part 1 of the survey we ask you to nominate the top firms operating in your country's real estate sector. This should be filled out by a maximum of three senior executives from your company per country. Your responses to these questions will be used to produce the survey rankings and will contribute to your own firm's score in categories where your peers have nominated you. Please provide your individual opinions rather than those of your company. We will only use your votes to calculate aggregate rankings. No individual responses are published, nor can they be calculated or inferred by interested parties.

Part 2 - Market View

In Part 2 of the survey we would like to hear your views on the latest developments in the market. Your responses to these editorial questions will not be scored for the survey rankings. They may only be used in an aggregated format and will remain non-attributable to you or your organization at all times.

For technical or data issues, please contact surveys and indices manager, Chen-Ta Sung ( Any queries on survey process or policy to